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What is ClearSender?

ClearSender is a complete e-Mail Marketing system developed by Clarity Technology Group, Inc. with design emphasis on speed and usability.

Why consider a small vendor like Clarity?

Do not dismiss this product because our team is small. Our size gives us huge advantages over some of the bigger vendors as we can make changes to our products quickly with very little red-tape.

Keep in mind that Google, Facebook and many of the most successful software products out there started as small projects with a small development team.

The other advantage to a small vendor is that you will get a much more personal level of support and assistance. You will not be calling into a cube farm overseas for support. You will be getting support directly from the software architects and developers.

What makes ClearSender different?

The biggest difference between ClearSender and our major competitors is that our small size and years of on-site user support experience give us a huge advantage in understanding usability.

Additionally, the level of support and assistance you get from Clarity Technology Group is un-surpassed in this market.

How mature is ClearSender?

ClearSender is our third generation e-Mail Marketing product and has all the features you need to effectively manage e-Mail marketing campaigns of anywhere from 1,000 to 1,000,000 messages per month.

What features does ClearSender have?

The complete feature list is way too long to include here, but suffice to say we have all the features you’d expect from an e-Mail blaster including: List Management with Segmenting, HTML and Plain Text Messages, Direct SQL Server Integration, CRM integration, Templates, Signatures, Subscriber Management, Open Tracking, Click Tracking, Job Analytics and many more.

ClearSender is also very fast and easy to use. We profile our system daily and use the latest hardware in our data center to ensure that your experience using ClearSender or any other Clarity Hosted Service is efficient and effective.

What can ClearSender be used for?

ClearSender can only be used to send to opt-in addresses. ClearSender cannot be used to send to unsolicited addresses including bulk purchased address lists or lists obtained through address matching services.

ClearSender cannot be used to send any messages that do not comply with the CAN-SPAM act or are in any other way illegal. All messages sent with ClearSender will have an active unsubscribe link and must contain a legitimate organization or personal name and physical location address.

Any violation of these rules, will result in the immediate termination of your ClearSender sending privileges.  

What is the future of ClearSender?

ClearSender is a constantly evolving product. Some of the things we are currently working on include enhancing the import / export capability, schedule sending jobs, recurring jobs, approval workflow capabilities, e-mail surveys and a variety of other features.
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